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School Community Council
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School Community Council

School Councils are an independent advisory body acting as a forum for all school community stakeholders which:

       *Will provide advice on action to be taken while respecting the responsibilities and duties of the principal, school personnel and the Board as outlined in the Education Act and in Board Policies
* Will identify priority issues as outlined in the Min. of Ed. Program Memorandum 122 and provide advice to the school community members who may take action
* Will provide ideas and opinions to assist the Principal in making decisions which should reflect the views of the school community and what is best for the students.
* Will maintain a school-wide-focus on all issues. Council meetings will not include discussion about individual parents, students, staff, trustees or other council members

School Council Meeting:  Our next meeting will be on November 14th @ 5:30

Chairs:                  Marjan Ireland and Catherine Brasjen

Last Modified: Nov 07, 2017
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