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School Community Council
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School Community Council

School Councils are an independent advisory body acting as a forum for all school community stakeholders which:

       *Will provide advice on action to be taken while respecting the responsibilities and duties of the principal, school personnel and the Board as outlined in the Education Act and in Board Policies
* Will identify priority issues as outlined in the Min. of Ed. Program Memorandum 122 and provide advice to the school community members who may take action
* Will provide ideas and opinions to assist the Principal in making decisions which should reflect the views of the school community and what is best for the students.
* Will maintain a school-wide-focus on all issues. Council meetings will not include discussion about individual parents, students, staff, trustees or other council members

School Council Meeting: September 11 @ 5:30

Chairs:                  Marjan Ireland and Catherine Brasjen

SCC Report for 2017-2018
This year our SCC met monthly (excluding December), with an average of 9 people attending (Our highest attendance was 15).
Our SCC organized the back to school BBQ meal On Sept 14th.
Our SCC had a subcommittee that organized a monthly Mom’s group. Funding was provided through a ProGrant. In October, we had Community Services Officer, Kevin Martin, speak about internet safety.  In November and May, our Mom’s group hosted a sign night. In February, we hosted a POUND exercise instructor.  In April we hosted a ZUMBA night and in May, we had Holly Delvin from the United Way speak.  We had planned on a freezer meal night, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out this year.  Because many of our speakers were able to speak at no cost, and a few of our events were postponed or cancelled due to lack of response, we only spent approximately $450 of our $930 ProGrant.  However, these funds helped us to get the word out about our programs and resources in our area.  Next year, we are looking at have 4 family nights, with a focus on physical activity.
Our SCC subsidized purchasing bright t-shirts with our school name for students to wear during fieldtrips.  The cost of these shirts was approximately $8 per shirt, with SCC covering half.  Teachers and parent volunteers loved these shirts during our fieldtrips because it was easy to spot students.  
Our SCC funded almost the entire cost for our students in Grade 3-8 to attend the International Plowing Match in Walton.  This was through a spring of 2017 fundraiser.
In October, we hosted a family Hallowe’en dance, with music and games.  It was well attended.
In December, we hosted a Holiday Dinner during the school day and invited our bus drivers and families to attend.  Our SCC volunteers organized all the food, set up and clean up for this event.  We also hosted a family Movie Night in our library at the same time our grade 5-8 students hosted an interschool dance in our gym.  Also, our SCC helped to organize skates and helmets for all students to go skating the last week before holidays.  We brought in over 23 helmets and skates for everyone to participate.
In February, the school hosted a winter carnival day and many SCC parents volunteered to help students in various events.
In June, the school hosted a fun carnival day and many SCC parents volunteered to make popcorn and face paint. We also hosted a pool and pizza party for families at the Teeswater Pool on the last day of school. The event was well attended, with over 100 people.  Younger children swam first and then ate while the older students swam.  
The playground has been an area needing much attention the last few years and SCC has taken on a lot of the responsibility for fundraising and decision making in this area.  The summer of 2017 saw our swings completely replaced and new engineered woodchip landing beds installed around the new swings and the playscape.  This year, we had the basketball courts and 4 square courts painted.  We are looking at having a buddy bench installed and more painted games on the tarmac.  We are adding some small portable basketball nets for our younger students.
Our PIC Grant was used throughout the year to support family engagement.  Prizes for the monthly family math problem were purchased through this grant.  As well, our pizza party was supported through this grant.  
Financial Report

Starting Balance
Meet the Teacher BBQ
Hallowe’en Dance
OSBIE SCC Insurance
Donations for Mom’s Group event
Bake Sale
Pool and Pizza Party
Closing Balance

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